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I wont teach you what to do. Ill inspire you to evolve your improvisation style and help you to develop your self-teacher and inner-director by creating guidelines for you to explore various aspects of performance. Ill offer practical ways of being more articulate with your movements, voice, and the spoken word. Ill create a non-competitive, playful environment that encourages you to be impulsive with your physicality and vocality. Then Ill ask you to speak about what you enjoyed doing in your own performance and what you enjoyed watching when other people performed, getting you to acknowledge and value your own aesthetics.


That is my process. It is very simple and very profound. It requires you to be playful, impulsive, mindful, thoughtful and positive. I want you to take responsibility for becoming your own teacher. I wont teach you what to do but I will reintroduce you to the best teacher you ever had, that person who, when you were between the ages of nought and two, taught you how to walk and talk. That teacher was you. What you will discover in my classes is your theatrical self, a person who can create history, herstory, ourstory, improvisationaly.



 Berlin   2 - 5 April 2013    contact  Gabrielle Reuter

Tanzfabrik Berlin/Kreuzberg |

Möckernstr. 68, 10965 Berlin, Fon +49.30.786 58 61,



Munich   8 - 13 April 2013    contact Susie Wimmer