Under the direction of Al Wunder, Theatre of the Ordinary offers classes in improvised movement theatre, a simple yet profound means of developing both the creative and formative sides of ourselves. Believing that everyone should have the opportunity to perform, not just the professionals, workshops use a multi-level class structure that combines the technically developed skills of the advance student with innocent and unencumbered creative explorations of the raw beginner.


There is a wide range of instruction offered covering all the performing arts using improvisation as the primary source of discovery and development. This improvised approach fosters an experiential way of learning. Students discover what they like doing, what they like seeing and take responsibility for developing their own style of theatrical self-presentation.

The essence of all classes and performances is to help people find their own style of communication within the performing arts whether they have professional aspirations or are just ordinary people wishing to explore an extraordinarily fun way to express and develop themselves as individuals.