These handcrafted drums are made of hardwoods selected for their beauty and sound-resonating textures. Cutting tongues of different lengths and widths in the top wood of the drum creates various musical tones. The small drums have a sharp clear tone while the larger drums are rich and deep with a sound that is powerful enough to fill a big studio without amplification.

This type of instrument is not really a new concept in percussive music. It was played over a thousand years ago by the Mayan Indians in Mexico.

These drums are sold to dancers, dance teachers, musicians, schools, group leaders and non-professionals. They are for anyone interested in producing some simple yet potentially sophisticated music.


HUM DRUMS are durable and portable. Tops are made from Paduc, a beautiful red hued wood used in making orchestral marimbas because of its bell like tonal qualities. Sides are made from intricately grained woods such as Blackwood, Myrtle, Silky Oak, Sycamore and Walnut.

To purchase a Hum Drum or for futher information contact me, Al Wunder, at phone: 0418 394726



          SMALL HUM DRUM


Approximate size: 30x10x10 cm
Approximate weight: 2 kilos


This five tone drum can be easily played while held in  one hand.   The sound is surprisingly strong.

                         Cost: $200






 MEDIUM HUM DRUM                

 Approximate size: 41x13x13 cm
 Approximate weight: 2.5 kilos

  A mellow sounding instrument with 10 tones.   Pitch variations provide for interesting solo play
and wonderful duets, especially with flutes.

                             Cost: $250



Approximate size: 64x19x19 cm
Approximate weight: 6 kilos
This large drum offers a powerful sound and along with its tonal variations evokes images of an African jungle.

                            Cost: $400

17 TONE LARGE HUM DRUM   (No longer available)

Approximate size: 71x25x20 cm
Approximate weight: 6.5 kilos

Wide pitch range and strong overtones make this an exciting instrument to play.  I sometimes call this my water drum.

           Cost: $450